January 24, 2013
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Studies have shown that as we age, our driving abilities decline. Researchers at Rhode Island Hospital's Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders Center have spearheaded a study to evaluate road tests to see if they change the way we drive.
January 13, 2013
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Indianapolis is known for racing, due to our amazing Indianapolis Motor Speedway and it's facilities. The Indianapolis 500 brings people from all over the world to our city to enjoy this spectator sport, and now the raceway will be even more accessible.

January 8, 2013
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Did you make New Year's resolutions for healthier eating? If so, you may be looking at your kitchen thinking of the mountain of never-ending dishes that need to be washed or how you can take better advantage of the room you have to work with so you can prepare those health-conscious meals.

John Kelly, our home modification and accessibility services coordinator, has compiled tips for making your kitchen more accessible to your needs so you can stop grabbing fast food and make your own meals!
January 3, 2013
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If you aren't visually impaired, you're probably still aware of Braille and how it is used. Walk into a restaurant or office building, and more than likely there will be braille on the doors of "Ladies" and "Gentlemen." There are Braille menu's available upon request for many national chains, and there's even a commemoration day to celebrate the birth of Louis Braille.
January 2, 2013
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The INDATA Project is hosting a free, full day training on how to use the BridgingApps.org website, become knowledgeable about accessibility features on the iPad and attain skills on how to find appropriate apps for people with special needs.