Special Education Services for Schools

Easter Seals Crossroads - a leading provider of services for children and adults with special needs, disabilities or challenges - now offers Special Education Services to schools to assist students facing challenges so that they may derive maximum benefit from their educational setting.

five images in a collage - consumers with counselors or peers in therapy or employment or school or home settings

Assistive Technology Services

A qualified professional meets with an individual with a disability to evaluate their assistive technology needs as they relate to employment, education or community living. This 4 - 5 hour service results in a detailed, structured report with recommended equipment, training or other services.
Similar to an evaluation, but typically shorter in nature and less comprehensive, this service allows for brief interventions by a qualified assistive technology professional. Reports typically take the form of a memorandum and focus on a single aspect of an individual or organizational need.
Technical Support
We support a number of assistive technology devices and software and we offer a 24-hour technical support line.
We provide individual and small class trainings designed to teach users how to use technology on the job, at home or in school.

Driver Evaluation and Training Services

Our comprehensive program offers first-time drivers with disabilities or previous drivers with medical conditions or age-related changes the opportunity to drive. Established in 1986, we service individuals throughout central Indiana. Our practitioners understand that driving can be a key component to independence. Our staff includes occupational therapy practitioners who are Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists recognized by ADED and AOTA; they have received specialty certification by the State of Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to teach individuals how to drive using a bioptic telescope.

Prevocational and Life Skills Services

The NEXT Project (The New EXperience in Transition) is a program for teens and adults with special needs or disabilities to assist with transitioning into new life phases. Whether that phase is school, skills learning, pre-vocational training, college or successful
community experiences, The NEXT Project is able to design a customized experience based on individual needs and goals; we even provide transportation via staff vehicles for students from school to community experiences and back to school. Programming is offered during normal school hours. Staff will provide programming either in school setting or in the community. Students will be peer matched into groups based on needs, abilities, and goals. Group size will be no larger than 4 students to 1 staff member. Individual services are available.

School-Based Rehabilitation Services

Speech-Language Therapy
We focus on improving a child's ability to communicate through articulation (speech), receptive (understanding) and expressive (using language) language skills. Through a comprehensive evaluation, we determine the child's abilities and work to develop a plan to promote communication based on Article 7 and eligibility for special education services. Our pathologists are highly trained to work with speech disorders as they relate to articulation and producing sounds and language disorders as they relate to a studentís ability to understand and use language for communication. Depending on the specific needs, different techniques are used to target the studentís IEP goals. Speech and language therapy sessions may include group and/or individual treatment sessions.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) services may include evaluation and consultative services for tools ranging from simple picture based communication systems to dedicated high level communication devices with speech output.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy helps build muscle strength, develop mobility and improve coordination / balance skills. Therapists evaluate a child's motor ability and then devise a plan to develop important motor skills for optimal participation in all aspects of the
educational setting.

Occupational Therapy
We focus on improving a child's ability to develop skills to overcome sensory, perceptual and fine motor problems that affect the ability to successfully participate in an educational setting. Our therapists develop and implement exercises and therapeutic activities related to self care, fine motor, visual motor and attention/sensory skills. Consultative services are provided to educators and instructional assistants to provide maximum carry over within an educational setting.

School Behavioral Consultation Services

The School Behavioral Consultation program provides Indianapolis area schools with services for students exhibiting behaviors in school settings that impede academic development. Target behaviors include refusals, self-injurious behaviors, aggression, property destruction, tantrums and classroom disruption. Services are based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Positive Behavior Support (PBS) methods.

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
The goal of an FBA is to inform the team about the function and maintaining variables of a problem behavior in order to allow for the development of targeted behavioral recommendations.

Behavior Support Plan (BSP) Development and Monitoring

A BSP is developed based on the information gathered during an FBA and ongoing monitoring and support is provided to make appropriate changes. In addition, training in how to implement the BSP is provided for involved school personnel in order to maximize its effectiveness.

Direct Instructional Services

Intensive behavior intervention is provided directly to the child using empirically supported teaching techniques.

Parent Training
Given that consistency across settings in crucial in reducing problematic behaviors, we also provide training for parents/caregivers on how to interpret the BSP and implement similar strategies at home.

Psychological Evaluation
Comprehensive evaluation completed by a licensed clinical psychologist designed to identify social, emotional, intellectual or learning concerns that may be impacting educational abilities and performance.

School-to-Work Transition Services and Supports

We assist school staff in providing high quality and self-sustaining transition services that best prepare students with disabilities to maximize independence and improve success in all aspects of their lives as they enter the adult world. We do this through customized workshops for school staff members, as well as students. Possible topics for staff include facilitation of referrals to Vocational Rehabilitation, Medicaid Waiver basics and development of meaningful work experiences for students while in school. Student workshop topics include self-advocacy skills, budgeting basics and adjusting to adult life.

In addition to workshops, we also offer individual consultation services for school staff, as well as students and families. School staff topics include information and referral to various support services such as Medicaid Waiver, transportation services, recreational opportunities, housing, mental health supports and more; assistance in identifying eligible students in need; assistance with case conferences; and IEP development and consultation. Student and family topics include transportation and bus training; assistance with completion of paperwork (i.e., Medicaid Waiver, Vocational Rehabilitation applications, social security); vocational assessment and career counseling; and benefits planning and assistance.

We also provide employee development assistance, which includes providing direct employer contact, job development, and job coaching for students; developing work experiences / internships for students including paid employment opportunities; and providing job site assessments, accommodations and identification of possible assistive technology needs.

If you represent a school and would like to learn more about our special education services for schools, contact us.