Sara Inman - Manager, Financial Accounting
Shannon Burney – Payroll Coordinator
LaDonna Richardson – Accounts Receivable, Medical Services
Cindy Sanders – Accounts Payable


J. Patrick Sandy  - President / CEO
Scott Fogo - Vice President, Clinical Services / Privacy Officer
Donna Marino, Vice President, Marketing and Development
Bruce Schnaith - Vice President, Workforce Development Services
Wade Wingler - Vice President, Technology and Information Systems / Security Officer
Susan Saunders - Chief Financial Officer
Chuck Dietzen, MD - Medical Director
Angela Danner - Director, Human Resources
Sara South - Executive Administrative Assistant

Assistive Technology & INDATA Project

Brian Norton – Director, Assistive Technology
Alvin Alviar – PC-ReUse Coordinator
Justin J. Amber - Equipment Loan Specialist
Josh Anderson. ATP - Manager, Clinical Technology
Craig Burns, ATP - Assistive Technology Specialist, Mobility / Cognition Team Lead
Rebecca Carpenter - Assistive Technology Technician
Steve Carter – Equipment Assistant
Tracy Castillo - ReUse Technician
Charles Downs - Assistive Technology Technician
David Frye, ATP - Assistive Technology Specialist
Anna Leung - Assistive Technology Specialist
Laura Medcalf - Social Media Content Specialist
Nikol Prieto – Community Outreach Coordinator
James Rinehart - Assistive Technology Technician
Belva Smith – Training Coordinator
Mark Stewart – Senior Assistive Technology Specialist
June White – Administrative Assistant

Autism Services

Tracy Gale, PsyD, HSPP - Director, Autism and Behavioral Services
Brooke Bastin, MA, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Therapist
Kaila Brannon, RBT - Behavior Technician
Kaitlyn Diller, BS, RBT - Behavior Technician
Jodi Ichikawa, BS - Behavior Technician
Susan Parker, BA, BCaBA - Behavior Therapist
Nicole Saunders - Admissions Specialist
Sylvia Smith - Resource Specialist
Laura Tease, MA, LMHC, BCBA - Coordinator, Autism Services

Building Services

Dan Blake - Manager, Maintenance
James Bates – Maintenance Assistant
Mark Berling - Maintenance Assistant
Robert Kerr - Maintenance Assistant
Roger Mann - Maintenance Assistant
Eugene Richardson - Maintenance Assistant
Brandon Saunders - Maintenance Assistant

Children's Outpatient and Clinical services

Sherry Floyd – Director, Clinical Services
Alex Ayala - Evening Administrative Assistant - South
Katherine Hargreaves, MS - Manager, Early Intervention Services
Megan Henderson - Admissions Specialist - Driver Evaluation and Training, Home Mods
Dana Holcomb - Manager, Pediatric Services
Karen Kelley – Admissions Specialist – Main
Jenifer Martin, BSW - Medical Social Worker
Lisa Orem – Administrative Assistant – South
Kayla Shoemaker, MSW, LCSW - Medical Social Worker

children's Outpatient services - Occupational Therapists

Alison Kistner, OTR, CAPS, - Lead Occupational Therapist
Carlee Green, MOT, OTR
Katy Kessler, MOT, OTR
Teri Maloney, MOT, OTR
Leah Simon. OTR
Emily Staab, MOTR

children's Outpatient services - Physical Therapists

Erin Butler
Sue Tribolet, RPT

children's Outpatient services - Speech-Language Therapists

Theresa Armstrong, MS, CCC-SLP
Erin Bailey
Jordan Ciuffo, MA, CCC-SLP
Loren Crisp, MA, CF-SLP
Amy Downer, MA, CCC-SLP
Sara George, MA, CCC-SLP
Raynell T. Herring, MA, CCC-SLP
Justine LaRocca, MS, CCC-SLP
Erin Mayer, MA, CCC-SLP
Kat Muir, MA, CCC-SLP
Tyler Napier, MA, CCC-SLP
Alyssa Orton, MS, CCC-SLP
Joni Prihoda, MA, CCC-SLP
Wendy Strickland, MA, CCC-SLP
Mary Zagzebski, MS, CCC-SLP

Clinical Services

Mary Follman, MS, OTR, CDRS, Driver Evaluation and Training Specialist
Suzanne Pritchard, MS, OTR, CDRS, Driver Evaluation and Training Specialist
John Kelly, PTA, Coordinator of Home Modification Services

Community Day Supports

Tracy Wright - Director, Community Day Supports
Melanie Adams - Activity Assistant
Aubriana Adney - Community Team Lead
Jennier Barkewich - CNA
Alesha Barnette - Recreation Therapist
Rochelle Brown - CNA
Lindsey Campbell - Recreation Therapist
Danyele Clingan - Community Team Lead
Lila Farley - CNA
Kim Forester - Community Team Lead
Kevin Fretz - Community Team Lead
Brittney Gordon - CNA
Kyle Hendricks - Community Team Lead
Debbie Hovious - LPN
Robin Johnson - CNA
April Jones - Activities Coordinator
Joanna Leaderbrand, LPN - Manager, Adult Day Services
Alec Lohman - Community Team Lead
DaShawn Meadows - CNA
Wendy Miers - Manager, Community Services
Kyle Mitchell - Community Team Lead
Elissa Pothast - Community Team Lead
Heather Rodriguiz - Community Team Lead
Anna Schmitz - Community Team Lead
Deanna Teegen, LPN - Manager, Adult Day Services South
Brittni Viles - CNA
Jenny Weber - Recreation Therapist
Scott Wilcher - CNA
Mindy Williams - Community Team Lead

Crossroads Industrial Services

Curtiss Quirin – Chief Operating Officer
Dan Debruyn - Controller
Kathy Gary – Accounting Bookkeeper
Jeff Gore – Product Manager, Packaging and Assembly/Safety/ISO
Mary Jo Gremling - Manager, Document Services
Steve Hoffman – Product Manager, Fabrication/Shipping and Receiving
John Nick - Sales Manager, Document Services
Greg Roberts – Product Manager, NISH
Anthony Taylor – Production Supervisor
Anne Traub – Manager, Human Resources

Deaf Community Services

Stephanie Ritchie - Director
Jennifer Alka - Community Support Specialist
Hannah Baker - Certified Staff Interpreter
Alicia Burkholder - Interpreting Services Coordinator
Melissa Dove – Case Manager
Jannie Lippie - Certified Staff Interpreter
JerriAnn McFarland – Office Manager

Employment programs

Marjorie Mansfield - Manager, Employment Programs
Kathy Amber-Meiser – Benefits Planning Specialist

Employment Programs - Consultants

Nora Baldwin
Leslie Barrick
Alex Buchman
Sandeep Chara
Brandy Dickerson - Retention Specialist
Emily Garvin
Linda Hegewald
Robin Holdren
Larita Hughes
Kyle Huskins
Meghan Hutson
Chelsea Jones - Coordinator, Connect to Work
Marlene Martin
Suzanne McVey - College Intern Development Specialist
Sherri Negri
Jean Ann Rippe
Charity Robertson
Echo Shepheard
Rhonda Wood - College Intern Development Specialist
Steve Wright

Employment Programs - Transition Specialists

Crista McIntosh
Nancy Washburn

employment programs - Project SEARCH / Indiana

Keith Fox – Project SEARCH Coordinator - Community Hospital East
Angie Hoskins - Project SEARCH Coordinator - Community Hospital North
Kelly Pattison - Job Coach, Project SEARCH

Marketing and Resource Development

Tessa Barnard - Volunteer / Community Outreach Coordinator
Christine Borror - Manager, Marketing Development
Elizabeth Farley - Director, Resource Development
Katie Harris – Director, Design and Communication
Karen Harvey-Johnson – Receptionist/Data Verification Clerk
Ann Preston – Director, Development

Military and Veteran Services

Carolyn Brown - Manager, Veteran Programs
Carolyn Baumgartle - Veteran Employment Specialist
Michael Custer - Veteran Employment Specialist
Trey Obert - Veteran Employment Specialist
Andrew Rhodes - Veteran Employment Specialist
Buzz T. Smith - Rally Point Coordinator


Rick Krakora – IT Manager
Becky Lohman - Specialist
Linda Polivick - IT Support Specialist
Adam Rattray – Database Manager
Armando Rodriguez - IT Support Specialist

Respite Services

Angie Hilligoss - Manager, Respite Program
Magale Avitia
Devin Banks
Tim Blanusa
Jodi Churchill
Kelli Duncan
Hannah Fogo
Neva Graper
Kelly Hendricks
Ellen Hodson
Cole Hornung
Heather Howearth
Allison Humbird
Sarah Humbird
Tim Keating
Katy Kessler
Tori Mann
Crista McIntosh
Moira McKinney
Tyler Napier
Rebecca Pedro
Katie Piatt
Brittany Polanka
Bryant Smith
Jasmine Smith
Justin Thompson
Chris Tyler
Stacy Weber
Andrew Wilson
William Woods